SKF monitor detects early damage to wheel bearings

SKF Automotive Division has introduced the SKF Wheel End Monitor, which the company said is designed to detect early stage wheel bearing damage in heavy-duty trucks, trailers, buses and other commercial vehicles.
The new device, which is mounted on the outboard side of a commercial vehicle’s wheel, monitors vibration changes and alerts the driver through a flashing red warning signal of an impending bearing failure. When the system detects a defect, the vehicle is then brought in for immediate inspection and repair. This advanced detection increases safety by avoiding collateral damage to adjacent wheel end components, SKF said.

The manufacturer added that the wheel end monitor also reduces costs by preventing premature wheel bearing replacement, downtime and replacement of associated equipment that may be damaged in more advanced failures.
The device is attached to the vehicle’s wheels via the studs. The driver or maintenance technician can read the system’s results by holding a magnet that comes packaged with the unit, to the monitor, activating a blinking signal that informs the user of the bearing’s status. A green signal indicates the bearing is defect-free and a red signal indicates a potential problem.
SKF said it had field-tested 1,000 of its wheel end monitors in cooperation with a major truck and trailer suspension supplier in North America. The company also tested the monitors in Australia to evaluate their performance under extreme heat, moisture and dust. In each case, the wheel end monitor performed to specification, the company noted. 


USB Splitter for in-cab functionality

USB Splitter for In-Cab Needs

A very useful and significant power adaptor ideal for units and gadgets powered by USB ports had been released by NARVA.  Now you can use and power up your MP3 players, cameras and even your GPS systems effortlessly.

NARVA’s USB splitter cable is suitable for both 12 and 24 volt vehicles.  It is fuse protected and is incorporated with LED power indicator light.  The USB splitter fits conveniently into any standard cigarette lighter or vehicle power socket, with its output of five volt-two amps, each socket having one amp available.


GPS Tracking new release

Stay On Track

In relation to freight businesses and tracking services, one of the most important factors that you need to consider is having 24/7 knowledge about where your truck, and all its shipments is.  That’s where the popular GPS tracking device comes in.

The GPS tracking unit is a gadget that uses the Global Positioning System to determine the precise location of any vehicle that it is attached on.  It gives an accurate record of the vehicle’s position at regular intervals.  When the truck’s route changes unexpectedly, or an incident happens, you’ll easily be alerted because you yourself can tell just by looking at your trucks route map that there’s something wrong going on.

In other words, one of the best investments you could ever have for your shipment or truck’s security is getting your company vehicles its own GPS tracking devices.  Its use doesn’t even end there.  The GPS tracking gadgets also include fleet control capabilities, stolen vehicle searching capacities, real time monitoring, daily journey reports, and multi-vehicle time, location, and speed reports display.  The more advanced your gadget is, the more other options you’ll get to choose from in addition to the typical abilities a regular GPS has.

Polaris’ new GPS tracking system is one of the most cost effective and advanced ways you can turn to in terms of GPS purchase.  Their latest GPS offer called Polaris YouTrac is among the said ideal system meant for fleet owners and operators.  With Polaris, you can have as many trackers as you like in one account giving you everything that you might need, like daily, weekly, and monthly reports print out.  It also allows you to track the whole fleet on one map, giving you the ability to locate the closest vehicle to any location in a glance.

There probably are other more models and brands of GPS tracking devices available in the market.  If you want security for your shipments and your vehicles, it is up to you to research and study the best unit out there that would meet your needs and satisfaction.  Keep them all on track with the latest GPS technology there is.